This Month’s Message

Dan Wells, MayorI am excited to be a part of a dedicated group of individuals who have a passion for the future of Jones, Oklahoma. I started my journey in city government about seven years ago when asked to serve on the Planning Commission. Then, when our beloved Mayor Missy Wilkinson made the difficult decision to resign as the mayor to take the position as Town Administrator, the Board of Trustees asked me to serve in the vacated board seat. In a special meeting called by our Vice Mayor, I was nominated and approved by the Board to serve as your mayor. I am honored to serve alongside the other four members of the Jones Board of Trustees, as well as working with our dedicated staff of professionals in your town government. I will continue to work toward what is right and what is fair. The town of Jones, and you, will always be at the forefront of my mind as we navigate these waters together. Welcome to Jones!

Dan Wells