Mayor’s Message – November 2020

The October 2020 Ice Storm turned into OG&E’s largest outage in the company’s history. The damage to their electric system caused over 400,000 customers to be without power for an extended period of time! I hope every Jones resident has had their power restored and is now working to clean up the damage caused.

The Town of Jones is working with Oklahoma County about the possibility of picking up storm debris. A clear plan for pick up is not yet formed at this time. We ask the residents of Jones to cut their debris in 6′ lengths or less. Please pile debris at the “curb”. It is EXTREMELY important that debris NOT be stacked near a gas meter, power pole guideline. Please do not stock it next to anything that could be inadvertently damaged by any pick-up device utilized. Although we realize it isn’t pleasant to look at, debris pick up does not constitute an emergency, but we are hoping to get it done as soon as possible.

I have noticed many of our town folks helping one another and it fills me with great pride knowing we always step up for each other when the chips are down.

We ask for your patience while we work through this ordeal.