Mayor’s Message March 2019

99.99% of the time, being Mayor of Jones is an awesome experience. The other .01% is the amount of time I spend reviewing the “Talk Around Jones” Facebook page! “Talk Around Jones” is NOT affiliated with the Town, at all. No one, with any official capacity, from the Town, is the administrator or has any control over its content or comments! I joined the page as a private citizen thinking that it would be a great way to keep up with the happenings of our town. It has evolved into a forum for people to express displeasure with a wide range of topics.

The Town seems to be an easy target for folks to take shots at when there are PWA billing issues. Some people will immediately take it to TAJ, instead of calling City Hall! If we have made a mistake (we are human and occasionally do), we WILL do everything in our power to correct it. PLEASE, at least give us the opportunity to fix it!

On a positive note, I would like to announce that I have been chosen to be President of the Oklahoma Mayor’s Council at the March Oklahoma Municipal League meeting. I am truly humbled that my fellow Mayors have shown the confidence in me to lead them for the next year and a half! I will continue to execute my duties as Mayor of Jones to the best of my abilities.