Mayor’s Message – Jones Fire Update

This morning our community was struck with tragedy. One of the Oak Forest Apartment buildings caught fire and burned down. The fire claimed one life and sending another to the hospital with severe burns.

Six families have been displaced. I am happy to say that the owner of Oak Forest, in conjunction with the Red Cross, has either placed or is assisting in finding housing for those that have been displaced.

An “Oak Forest Fire Relief” fund has been set up. Monetary donations can be made to the Jones Ministerial Alliance or your church. Any donations of clothes, furniture, toiletries, etc. can be donated with Ward Grisham and TIOLI motors.

Ward has asked to PLEASE DO NOT give him cash donations. Place donations through the Ministerial Alliance or your church. Be sure to designate it to “Oak Forest Fire Relief.”

Although this is yet another tragedy for our community to endure amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic, I am proud to see all the people coming together to ask how can I help, much as they have with everything that is currently happening and as they ALWAYS do!

I would especially like to give a HUGE thanks to the Jones VOLUNTEER Fire Dept. They received the call at 2:49 am and were on the scene at 3:00 am. The response time of 10 min. for an all VOLUNTEER dept is outstanding. For these VOLUNTEERS to be awakened from a sound sleep, get dressed, and get to the fire station and roll out to fight this fire that quickly is phenomenal! Also, thanks to Hickory Hills VOLUNTEER Fire Dept and Oklahoma City Fire Dept. Station #27 for their valuable assistance.