Mayor’s Message – Ice Storm & Voting Updates

It’s another evening where I wish I had better/more substantial news to report. Today, we did make headway in reducing the overall number of outages, albeit a very long way to go. Here are a few particulars:

  • Our focus continues to be on bringing public emergency facilities online. As we energize these locations, customers on those circuits will also be energized.
  • Schools should be coming along very soon. I apologize for the vagueness, but specific timeframes are simply not available. 
  • All voting locations have been identified today in both Oklahoma and Lincoln counties. I will know more information –soon– on the status of power at those locations for the upcoming election.
  • Current estimates for full restoration have us at the end of next week; however, with the much-improved weather being forecasted, along with bringing in more resources, I am hopeful restoration time greatly improves. As I mentioned before, the incoming hurricane (Is it still incoming? I don’t even know if it’s made landfall yet.) is also putting demand on the same resources we need. 
  • Please know a huge portion of our service area looks like a war zone. We have lines down or limbs on lines – literally everywhere. I am turning all those issues when I receive them, it will simply take a while for us to get to them all. Remember, as we clear tree limbs interfering with power lines, vegetation crews will take tree and brush debris from the customers’ yards to the curb, but we don’t remove the debris. The disposal of debris is the customer’s responsibility.