Positve Pulse

Positive Pulse Employee Wellness Program

Wellness Program

Staying healthy in Jones goes beyond the doctor’s office, becoming a way of life. Just take a look at the Postive Pulse Wellness Program. Jone’s town employees have embraced the Positive Pulse Wellness program and are seeing the benefits.

  • Absenteeism is down 40%.
  • Employees feel better.


How is Positive Plus helping? It is a two fold approach:

OK State Certified Healthy Business

OK State Certified Healthy Business

Work Place Wellness

  • Encouraging and supporting exercise with monthly 5K races and access to exercise equipment.
  • Improving office health during the day with ergonomically designed offices.
  • Promoting health by offering regular wellness checks.

An Active Community

  • Enhancing Town environment to encourage walking, biking, and other forms of physical activity.
  • Promoting healthy living with a town tobacco ordinance banning smoking and vaping on city properties.
  • Ensuring new policies and regulation considering, encouraging, or increasing opportunities for physical activity.